So let’s talk about food.  A subject very close to our hearts…

Let’s get the basics straight – the fundamental rule of eating to have consistently good energy, focus and mood, is to not diet, calorie count or expect a miracle pill to make you healthy.  No.  It’s about choosing REAL food.

We don’t want to feel like we’re depriving ourselves either, do we?  So how does it all work in a way that fits in with our busy lives?

As a starting point, spotting real food is fairly straightforward.  It shouldn’t have an ingredients list on it as long as your arm with unrecognisable words that you would need some sort of PHD to decipher.

But how do we navigate the supermarket shelves and the advertising? Here’s our top five tips to help get you started:

  1. Ingredients are listed on packaging in order of greatest quantity first.  For instance, Rice Krispies – the first ingredient on the list is rice (which ultimately becomes a sugar in the body), and the second ingredient is sugar, so beware.
  2. Cereals are often marketed as “fortified with vitamins and minerals”.  This means that during the processing of the cereal, nutrients are stripped out so it will have a longer shelf life.  In order to boost the nutritional value, low quality, synthetic
    vitamins and minerals are added and the product can be marketed as ‘healthy’.
  3. What you are being marketed may tell you it’s ‘healthy’ but if it’s got a list of added ingredients on it – it certainly doesn’t mean it’s REAL food!
  4. Just because something has ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ written on the label it does not make it health-giving; organic chocolate cake is still chocolate AND cake!
  5. If it tells you it’s too good to be true, it’s because it is…

There is so much free inspiration out there to create amazing tasting food that isn’t processed, doesn’t cost the earth and doesn’t take hours to prepare.

Try keeping a food diary for a few weeks to really get an idea of how the food you eat makes you feel and try reducing the amount of processed foods you eat and see if it makes a difference!

Here’s a handy food diary to try…

Food reaction diary

See you soon!