Hello again, its time to meet another member of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service family Jason Boh. Find out why this watch manager loves his job and is proud to lead his Blue Watch team.



Jason Boh



Watch Manager, Blue Watch



I am based at Southsea Fire Station where I am officer in charge of Blue Watch which includes 20 personnel, three front line appliances, an aerial ladder platform and a small fires vehicle.


So how long have you been with the Service?

I have been a fulltime firefighter for 20 years and have served operationally in the Portsmouth Group at Cosham, Waterlooville and Southsea.


As a firefighter, what sort of training have you got involved in?

During my career I have attended a wide variety of incidents, drawing upon the many experiences and skills gained to help me in my current role as an operational watch manager.

One of the high points during my time with HFRS is being a service trainer – or training sub – at headquarters which I did for 10 years.

I thoroughly enjoyed this role and took pride in turning a brand new recruit into an operational Firefighter in 15 weeks.

Branch holding

Shortly after arriving at the training centre as an instructor I completed a physical training diploma and managed the service’s fitness training policy, organising and delivering fitness courses for both uniform and green non-uniform staff.

In addition to delivering training in the form of practical drills and lectures I also managed the National Firefighter Selection Process for not only HFRS but East & West Sussex, working closely with the HR teams in all fire services.

After the training centre I worked for two years in Business Fire Safety which was a steep learning curve.

I enjoy learning new skills and I was introduced to a different side of the job, but equally important, and I discovered how the other aspects of the fire service connected.

Part of the job was communicating with architects, building engineers and the city council on a daily basis and being responsible for the implementation and maintenance of existing and brand new building projects with regards to fire safety.


So what part of your job gets you up in the morning?

Here at Blue Watch we are proactive in community engagement and have recently received positive feedback for our attendance at the pride event in Portsmouth.

Every Christmas Blue Watch members cook and serve at the local homeless shelter and offer fire safety advice and awareness.

We have hosted many Walk in Our Shoes days with non-uniform staff and take pride in the professionalism in which we go about our work.

Over shoulder

The watch has an instructor in every field and we enjoy all aspects of training, which is evident when we are called upon to bring operational incidents to a successful conclusion.


Keeping yourself fit and healthy must be important, what do you do to keep yourself in shape?

Outside of work I have been studying Martial Arts since 1983. I currently run my own Academy where I oversee a bank of instructors and I also have affiliate schools in Whiteley, Belfast and Dublin.

Bruce Lee’s best friend, Dan Inosanto, is my teacher who has authorised me to teach Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Thai Boxing and Grappling/MMA.

I have trained and taught in Ireland, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Minnesota as well as working with police, security and close protection personnel.

I have always enjoyed fitness as a result of this which greatly assists me in my job as a firefighter.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with HFRS and I continue to do so.

I am very proud to wear the uniform and be a part of this family.

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