Hello again, its time to meet another member of our amazing team. Julie Jacobs, a 39-year-old mum, has just achieved her dream of being a full time firefighter after a year working part time in  this role.

Name Firefighter Julie Jacobs

Job Community Response Project Officer and retained firefighter

Workplace HQ and Hardley Fire Station

So how long have you been with the Service? I have been a green book member of staff for the past 14 years.

I have worked as an External Communications Officer within the Media and Communications team where I have been for the past 12 years.

I am currently on a secondment with Response Delivery as a Project Officer. I have just been successful in the retained to fulltime transfer process and I am very excited to say that I will be starting my new full time role with White Watch at Hightown on 19 October 2016.


As a firefighter, what sort of training have you got involved in? I have completed all of the compulsory RDS modules which are pumps and ladders (Module A), breathing apparatus (Module B), casualty care which is now IEC (Module C), road traffic collision (Module D).

On top of this I have also completed water rescue level 2, co-responder training, emergency response driving for the Land Rover, high volume pump as well as the fitness training instructor course.

So what part of your job gets you up in the morning? Ever since I joined the fire service in an office role I have loved every second of it. Just that feeling of being part of a service who strive to care and look after the community is such an amazing feeling.


I feel very privileged to be a firefighter along side my colleagues. It is very rewarding to work together as a team to help people and to make a difference to someone’s life.

There are so many amazing people in the Service who have been so extremely professional, supportive and very inspiring to me throughout my career. I will keep getting me up in the morning to experience new things in the fire service.

Tell us about what you might get up to on a typical day?  A typical day could involve coming into the office at HQ to work on some Maritime Response Team work and then responding to a call with the truck at HQ.

The call could be anything from an RTC or car fire to a building fire. I would then attend my drill night at Hardley to take part in training and assessments.


How does that work with family life? I won’t lie, it has been tough juggling all the training with family life. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my partner Chris and my four children.

Now that I have been appointed as a fulltime firefighter, my working hours will change to shifts and will mean I can spend more time at home with the family.

Keeping yourself fit and healthy must be important, what do you do to keep yourself in shape? To be honest, running around and clearing up after four children keeps you very fit. But on top of that I go to the gym about four times a week. I love deadlifting and squats.

How do you switch off? To be honest, I don’t switch off enough! My role within HFRS is not just a job it is a way of life! Spending time with the four children certainly does take my mind off work though. I love walking my dogs in my spare time. I have three Dogue De Bordeauxs – Clifford, Bella and Daisy and a British Bulldog called Dave.

Do you get out much socially as a team? Anything social – I’m there! I love a good party and the Prosecco goes down nicely too!

And finally, what would you say that you are most proud of at work? I am very proud to be a part of the HFRS team and even more proud to be a operational firefighter. I set myself the goal to become a fully trained firefighter two years ago and I have succeeded. To be blessed with a fulltime contract is a dream come true. I still have so much to learn and experience and can’t wait to get stuck in.